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My work as an architectural photographer is to help you showcase your creations. It is crucial that the resulting images produced form an important part of your brand and your marketing channels – including websites, brochures and other publicising materials. Light and composition are a key factor in producing the right variety of images and I often make frequent visits over a period of weeks or even months in order to help plan and capture every aspect of a building at it’s best.

My architecture photography services includes both building and landscape

Although architecture generally doesn’t move the surroundings around it does and this is what makes buildings come alive. Choosing the right time of day can allow me to let the camera setting to make a real creative difference.

Over the years I have developed a quite unique technique using stitch panoramic photography which can open up spaces to show extended views and multiple key features. It allows me to have much more control over light and also be less disruptive when photographing in any work environment. The resulting panoramic image is ideal, and often the focal point of a web page banner.

Architecture photography services in Dorset

I’m based in the South of England and have been photographing for more than 15 years. Although I worked successfully in a big London studio for some time, frequented by TV and magazine clients, I enjoy more being out and about working and getting creative at a much slower pace. One of my most recent jobs was for AFC Bournemouth and there’s nothing nicer than setting up in an empty stadium without the match day mayhem. Saying that my experience and knowledge does enable me to get great results when time is a little tight.

Who could benefit from professional architecture photography services?

  • Interior designers
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Construction companies
  • Corporate businesses
  • Small business owners

Investing in quality architectural photography can greatly benefit your business as they can transmit the quality of your services and generate potential clients.

Why to choose me?

  • Experience and quality services
  • Close client/photographer liaisons at all times
  • Full public liability insurance
  • I take the time to get it right

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