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Every business needs to showcase themselves to their potential clients and shout out who they are. Small businesses, Corporate businesses and sole traders alike your identity is important not just as a brand but as a face.

Putting together all the skills I have in portrait photography, architectural photography and interior photography we can build a package suitable for your webpage, marketing and media use.

Your building is your work space and reflects how you work as a business. Interiors can be shot to reflect this and create an atmosphere that you want people to recognise. Busy, quiet, clean, relaxed my careful professional approach to interior photography will create the mood you are looking for. You may have special features, products or functions that you need to have put across, I can capture these too.

My relaxed approach to capture those hard to get portraits of the important members of your workforce both candidly or in action.We want to show your staff and managerial teams in the best possible way by putting a friendly face at the forefront of your company or business.

I have worked with many types of businesses both corporate, small and sole traders to provide them with a web based identity. From estate agents, marketing agents and schools they all tend to come back on a regular basis to refresh their faces and update any changes as their businesses grow and evolve. 

I have also spent many years covering corporate and charity events, so please let us know if there’s anything promotional going on in your business. We are happy to cover that too.

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